Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time for bullet points....

So, yeah. Its been a while, blog-world. :-) Here are the life and times of the Carr fam....bullet point style...

  • Joshua's R&R was fantastic!!! Disney World, a wedding, a new deck, an extra day at the end because of travel problems....we couldn't have asked for more.
  • My aunt came for a visit. She's awesome. Caleb renamed her "Aunt Nana" because he couldn't believe she was his cousin's nana. :-)
  • We went on the most fantastic vaca ever with some of the best people we know. It did Caleb and my hearts good to be able to relax and rest right after Josh left. My favorite thing ever is what Caleb told me on vacation: "Mommy, I love Jesus more than girls." Way to be, little man. Way to be.
  • Summer is officially over (I mean...if you're in Ohio....did it ever really start?!). I went back to school on Friday. The kiddos start invading on Tuesday.
  • I have officially lost 24 pounds since I joined my personal training place. I'm really proud of myself!!
  • We do have a date for J's welcome home.
  • The most exciting news of all, for those that haven't heard, is that we submitted our preliminary application for our adoption while J was home. We will be on a waiting list for about 4 months, but then we should be ready to rock 'n roll with the process. And let me be will be a a 12-18 month process (and that's after we are off the waiting list). But....its good. And its definitely a God-thing.

More blogs to come.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're alive...

And will blog again soon...