Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I got promoted!!!

So I have made the ranks of Staff Sergeant. Right now, it doesn't mean too much more for me here except for some extra pay. But when I get home, I'll be in a new unit and actually be the platoon sergeant. Actually, this will be my old unit and I'll just be going back to them. Still pretty excited.

Thanks for everything.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I dare you...

There's a song by Switchfoot (and if any of you know me very well, I'm sure you're laughing now...because I typically am not a Switchfoot girl...I think he sounds like Kermit the Frog...but I digress...) that is particularly powerful on this Easter Sunday.

It's called "Dare You To Move"...we listened to it in service today...it was so good...but here are some of the lyrics...(and I've totally taken some liberties in removing some lines to make the point that has been stirring in my heart...)

I dare you to move...
I dare you to move...

Maybe redemption has stories to tell
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell

What I love about taking these two pieces of the song, though, is this...

First: You have the dare. Its an action...it requires us to respond. Will we run to the One that calls? Or will we choose to do nothing...in light of everything that He has done for us...because its easier, or more comfortable? I won't lie--it is the easiest place to be, and I've been there--in that place of thankfulness, but complacency. Don't settle there, friends...

Second: The word redemption means 'deliverance or rescue.' We have all been offered redemption through the action of Christ. We have been saved from darkness....addictions....fear....lies....loneliness....you name it! We are whole and complete--forgiven from top to bottom because of the action of Christ on the cross.

And when we take those two things...the dare and the deliverance -- we have a story that demands to be told.

I dare you to tell it...

I dare you to share it with others...

I dare you to let it change you forever...

*love you all*


Happy Easter...from the Carr's!!

Welp, it has been an action packed day here in Ohio!!
  • Caleb woke up to some special surprises from the Easter Bunny!
  • We headed off to church for a special breakfast for the dance team, and then TWO awesome performances of "Oh, Happy Day!" (You have GOT to check out YouTube. Search "Jubilee595" and its called 'Easter Sunday Dance') I was SO proud of all of the kids on the dance team. What a blessing...
  • A stop at Bob Evans in between services for a hot cocoa and cinnamon roll.
  • Off to Nana and Papa's for Easter dinner with all of our favorite people...

Here are some pics from our blessed day!!

Caleb's Easter Basket
A special letter from the *ahem* Easter Bunny...

Checking out the directions for his egg hunt...

With all of his fantastic finds!!

And in his choir robe (his dance costume) that they ripped off in the middle of the song...yes, friends...you HAD to be there!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

~the carr's

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What do you say to this....?!

So Caleb and I were at church tonight, for rehearsal for Passover service. I'm doing a quick readers' theater, but we were running through the whole service. As he and I were sitting in the sanctuary, he was very thoughtfully watching the video clips of the crucifixion. I kept glancing side-ways at him...knowing that there would be questions to follow...(he knows the Easter story through and through...and LOVES it...but this was tough stuff for anyone to watch!!!)

Turns out, I was right.

There were questions. And here it is:

Caleb: "Mommy, why does Jesus get to know everything, and I don't? That's not fair."

Me: "Uh...."

Answer me that, my friends...

Things I can't wait to have again

Well, there are a couple of things that I have discovered are a true blessing in my life and I cannot wait to have them back. Here goes;

1. Obviously my wife and son

2. Friends.

3. Having a bathroom in my house and not having to walk 50 yards to it.

4. Lots and lots of hot water.

5. My own bed.

6. Having a shower in my house and not having to walk 50 yards to it.

7. Driving a car to wherever I want.

8. Not walking 100 yards to use really slow internet service.

9. Not having everything covered in a film of dust.

10. My house and not living in a 5'x10' space.

11. Burger King and Pizza Hut actually tasting like Burger King and Pizza Hut.

12. My wife's cooking.

I'm sure there are many other things I could come up with but I'm sure you get the idea. Love you all.

Friday, April 3, 2009


So...here are some real gems from our little guy lately...

~Laying in bed, trying to get CJ to sleep...

Me: Hey, buddy...you can't sleep? Why not?

Caleb: I'm sad. I miss daddy.

Me: I miss daddy too...it makes my heart sad sometimes.

Caleb: It does not make MY heart sad. It makes MY heart broken.

Well, then. Not much more I can say about that!

~Watching "Aladdin" for the very first time. Its right about the part where Aladdin...ahem...I mean...Prince Ali...is trying to get Princess Jasmine to take that magic carpet ride with him.

Caleb is sitting on the floor, with an increasingly exasperated look on his face. Next thing I know, THIS comes out of his mouth:

*long, drawn out sigh* "Come ON princess, get on the carpet already!!!" *rolls his eyes and shakes his head*

I about peed my pants laughing at that one. My kid is something else...