Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...from the Carr's!!

Welp, it has been an action packed day here in Ohio!!
  • Caleb woke up to some special surprises from the Easter Bunny!
  • We headed off to church for a special breakfast for the dance team, and then TWO awesome performances of "Oh, Happy Day!" (You have GOT to check out YouTube. Search "Jubilee595" and its called 'Easter Sunday Dance') I was SO proud of all of the kids on the dance team. What a blessing...
  • A stop at Bob Evans in between services for a hot cocoa and cinnamon roll.
  • Off to Nana and Papa's for Easter dinner with all of our favorite people...

Here are some pics from our blessed day!!

Caleb's Easter Basket
A special letter from the *ahem* Easter Bunny...

Checking out the directions for his egg hunt...

With all of his fantastic finds!!

And in his choir robe (his dance costume) that they ripped off in the middle of the song...yes, HAD to be there!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

~the carr's

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  1. LOVE Caleb's Easter basket! :) Matt and I melted at his voicemail. We love you all.