Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Whoa is not an exclamation that comes often from my lips. Its something more that draws itself out of my soul...when I am deeply I hope this rambling turns itself into a cohesive thought process by the end.

Went tonight to see the much anticipated i-heart documentary by Hillsong United. It was so well done, so professional, so thoughtful, so creative, so artsy, so intellectual, so whoa. So Jesus. I don't think I can form a more complete thought or sentence at this point about the film, but it totally brought me back to a place...a place I may have shared about before, but it was so tangible tonight...

...when we were in Cambodia 2 years ago, I remember the frustration and feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the need that we were surrounded by. It often felt like we were completely insignificant in our sincere desire to bring love.hope.truth. to these people. (much of the movie focused on this...)

And one night, I remember having the girls climb into the van before me, and this woman approached...begging. I remember vividly the look of desperation in her eyes, as she shuffled towards us...her infant wrapped in nothing more than a rag...naked. Everything inside of me broke at that moment.

A rush of emotions flooded me...because this time, it was different.

This time, I was a wife.

...a mom.

And I couldn't reconcile the feelings within me of the utter despair she must've been feeling. To beg on the street. To not be able to provide for her child. To be willing to give up the last bit of pride and independence she must've once felt in order to survive.

This is the world. This is reality. This is what we so often teach ourselves to turn a blind eye from.

And in that moment, I saw the neediest, most broken soul.

And I also saw the face of God.

To know that He also gave up his Son for Love. For us. To know that in the darkest of places, He always offers Hope. Life. Peace.

Friends, there IS a revolution going on. Its stirring in the hearts of the innocent. the broken. the redeemed. The Church.

I can't imagine anything I want to be a part of more...its ruined me for life...and I love it.

"You may choose to look the other way, but you may never again say that you did not know." ~William Wilberforce

Check it out:

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  1. and your family are amazing. I've been reading your blog for a few months and while it's always a port of inspiration for me, this one just broke my heart. Thank you.