Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Caleb's Special Day

Throughout this whole process, we've tried to be open and honest with Caleb about where daddy's going, how long he'll be gone (in 4 year old terms), etc. Its been difficult for him to comprehend, and I'm sure that actually, he still doesn't understand. So pray for him...that this year will pass quickly and he'll feel the love of his Abba Father AND his daddy.

We took him on his very own special day before Joshua left. First pictures. These were not wildly successful. I won't lie. But at least we got a decent shot. Then, off to Chuck E. Cheese for some pizza and fun, followed by a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop. We both made very special Army pals. I'll enjoy...



With daddy...waiting patiently for pizza!

Ride 'em, cowboy!

Next stop, picking out our pals at Build-A-Bear!

Daddy's kisses are the best...

My boys!

Look lady, really...I'm 4...

Love him. Bunches.

Almost done!

Puppy makes perfect!

Our hero...every day. Not just the days he's in Iraq. :-) He's the BEST...or as we say, he's our favorite. *wink*

In the "dressing room." Don't peek!!

This little Army puppy has a special message from daddy recorded in him! :-)

A day well done!

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  1. So cute- and put tears in my both are such GREAT parents! Praying for a quick year for Caleb and you both as well!