Sunday, May 10, 2009

From the mouths of babes

So, I've decided that holidays are especially difficult without J...just special days that I wish we could all be together. The best thing about Joshua is he knows how much I cherish the little things, so he would've made today the best...breakfast in bed, a back rub if I wanted, flowers...

Funny thing is, I have a little man who did all of that for me today, and more. The two men in my life are for SURE two peas in a pod. I woke up this morning (after an incredible, but super crazy, weekend in Pittsburgh) to breakfast in bed (an eggo waffle with Coke), flowers on my tray (dandelions that were rescued from perishing from the lawn mower later in the day), and a beautiful homemade card. Not only that, but as I awoke and stumbled out of the bedroom, Caleb came running to me, full force, yelling..."Happy Mother's Day, mommy!!!"...and wrapped me up in a huge hug.

Though the day was difficult without my best friend and hubby here with us, the BEST part came later that evening. Caleb and I were laying in his bed, singing to his worship CD when he asked if we could say prayers. Like I would ever say no...

Caleb: Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. Its Mother's Day (just in case Jesus didn't know). So, thank you for picking me out for my mom. And thank you for picking my mom out just for me. You did a good job.

*heart melting*

Wow. And Jesus...I'd like to add...thank you for such a spectacularly sensitive kid. May he always live life with the passion, depth and love for the world that he shows already. He for sure makes BOTH of his parents proud.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.


  1. i am bawling and it is only 6:00am! caleb is the sweetest thing in the world and the man that God is molding him to be is awesome...his future wife is seriously one lucky gal!!!

  2. That is so cool! What an amazing little guy you got there Meg!

  3. That is something you will need to write down and hide in your heart... how precious! You are an amazing mommy...with an amazing son!