Tuesday, February 1, 2011

honest heart...thoughts from a mom

so my little guy is amazing.  [so's my big guy, for that matter *smile*]  he challenges me on such a regular basis, i don't even know why i'm surprised by it anymore.  you can read about the latest one here: 

The Spiritual Ramblings of a 6 Year Old

as i've reflected on the situation, MY heart has really been messed up.  i think about c asking for permission for something he knew, more than likely, was not okay.  his response, even when the answer was "no", was so honest and pure.  i KNOW that i don't deal with many situations in my life like he did. 

~how often do i ask my Heavenly Father is something is permissible?  is this television show edifying?  is what i'm about to eat because i'm hungry, or is there a deeper issue?  do i not ask because i already know the answer...or because i'm afraid it will be an answer i don't like? 

and when God does answer, and that answer is "no"...do i respond with a grateful heart?  am i content with His answers? 

these are just a smattering of the questions that are rumbling inside of me as i search to know how honest MY heart really is.  pray for me and i'll pray for you as you do the same...

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