Thursday, January 22, 2009

Basketball: The Cure All

I'm sure most of you already know this but I like to play basketball - a lot. I'm willing to sacrifice sleep just to play hoops. The majority of my basketball outings are at 5:30am which Meg just loves the alarm going off for that one (EDIT FROM MEG: please note: that would not be a "singular" alarm...try 4 or 5 alarms going off for basketball...this I DON'T miss).

I use basketball for a variety of reasons but a stress reliever is my biggest. Anyway, the last time I played was the day after Christmas; almost a month ago! So you could probably guess that I'm really starting to miss it. Unfortunatley, the command here for our pre-mob has put out that we're not allowed to play basketball. Apparently, broken ankles can keep you from going to Iraq. Weird. So I've primarily been working out. I'm actually really starting to enjoy it, but it's just not the same as a good game of basketball. Plus, I have been getting a little homesick. The longest I've been away from Meg has been 5 weeks when she went on her missions trip last year to Cambodia but I still had Caleb to keep me company. So now it's been almost 3 weeks since I have left home and I'm starting to feel it a little. Granted, I've been through this before and I know it will pass but that doesn't mean I can't miss home just a little. There have also been some other factors going on, so I've been a little down. Anyway, today after I worked out, I stopped and shot around in the gymnasium for a bit. Then me and two other guys played 33 (to me thats not actually a game of basketball and I was only playing at half speed so I didn't really feel I was being insubordinate). Let me just tell you how much better I feel. It was like a tiny sliver of home. I instantly felt my spirit rise and the world warm up. Not to mention that it is 70 degrees at Ft. Sill today. :-) (ANOTHER EDIT FROM MEG: JERK!!!!!!)

Anyway, I think this little experiment just proves my theory that basketball cures all.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. I need 'em.


  1. Josh! I absolutely loved your comment you left for me and I heard you saying it too; I will have to say; you should stay tuned because I have a blog up my sleeve now...just the matter of sitting and typing it all out.

    As for your post; I am sorry about being homesick. I know I have said this a million times; I am not sure how you and Meg are doing this. I know your love for basketball too... I know I have thought about you lots and I guess I will have to say something you told me a while ago...just focus on one day at a time...that's what you told me about day...then; finally I graduated.

    So, one day at a time...and then before you know it; you will be back with Meg and Caleb and all those crazy YMCA members that miss you dearly too I am sure!

    Be safe and stay strong Josh!

  2. I think there would be something wrong with you, Josh if you weren't homesick! And the lack of basketball just adds insult to injury I'm sure...maybe now is the time to pick up a new hobby. Knitting? Songwriting? Caligraphy? Surely the army can't take objection to those...Hang in there sport! I'm thinking of you...

  3. Josh, I'm hoping you take this time to work on your jump shot!!!!!