Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here I am, doin' a whole lot of nothin'

So I would like to tell you that my time at Fort Sill has been a week of great training. The truth is I haven't done much of anything other than sit around. Since I was joining my new unit so late (they have known they were deploying since last January), they have already completed a lot of the training we were supposed to do here. Plus I am a vehicle mechanic in a helicopter unit which means we're like the stepchildren of the unit. So I just have been hanging out in the barracks, catching up on my sleep. My biggest highlight has been conducting my own personal Bible study. I'm trying to be an example to my fellow soldiers. Most of them are pretty young and need a lot of guidance. I'm finding it hard at times to fit in but with my great personality, I'm working it out. :-) Also, I have been working out every day. Its kind of a new thing for me. I would like to come out 10-15 pounds heavier in muscle so I've got some work to do.

We finally got our Internet hooked up in our room today. I'm hoping that will act like a little moral booster for me. I got to see Meg and Caleb tonight using Skype. In case you're not familiar, it is an online program that allows us to have a video call with one another. So I got to see them both tonight. I get a four day pass at the end of February. We're still working out the details if I'm going to come home or if Meg and Caleb are going to come and visit out here. It makes more sense financially for me to come home but we loose 2 days of time together for me to travel. So we're checking out our options.

Anyway, its getting late and I need to be up at 0545 or 5:45am for all the civilians reading this. Anyway, thanks again for the prayers and support. I'll be sure to post again when we actually do something.



  1. Josh so good to see a post from you. It's realy good to see that you are setting some goals for your year out there (Bible study/ Gain muscle mass)...you are definatly making the most of this whole thing! Keep posting when possible!! Oh, yes, the other night I even had a dream it was a girl...we shall see!

  2. Praying for you, Josh!! And of course for Meg and Caleb too. I can't wait to hear more from you on another day--hopefully you'll feel more necessary in your unit soon!