Monday, February 9, 2009

So here is what's going on

Its been a while since I gave an update to my wonderful life here at Fort Sill. Our training is just about done. I've had to do a lot of makeup training over the past couple of weeks. Apparently my new unit did a lot of their stuff ahead of time so me and some other late-comers had to play catchup. Anyway, all is well. I've taken some classes on basic soldier skills, I've given a class about Code of Conduct, I had to qualify with the M16 (shot 38/40) and overall have received some good training. All last week, Feb 2-6, we were doing Mounted Combat Patrol (MCP). We were cruising around in hummers as if we were on convoy in Iraq. Everything was staged of course but we would be hit with IED attacks, ambushes, gas attacks, what to do with a broke down vehicle and causalities. It was all very excellent training that I'm hoping/anticipating that I won't have to put to use.

Life in the barracks is going. Overall, most of the guys are great guys but some are starting to drive me a little crazy. Since I consider myself a patient man...oh wait... The problem I think I'm running into is I've been seeing these faces everyday for a while with no break in the routine. We get a 4-day pass in 2 weeks so that should help some.I've been watching a lot of my DVDs and getting really good at Mahjong on the computer. I've never played before I got here but I'm totally addicted now. I've also learned a new card game-Hand and Foot. It's a lot of fun as well.

I'm pretty excited about our pass. Meg and Caleb are coming out here so it will be a great couple of days. I'm so excited to see them but I'm dreading to say the goodbyes again. It was hard enough the first time. Caleb told me tonight on the phone that he missed me (knife to the heart). I miss them so much.

Thanks again to everyone for everything. I'm off to play a little Hand and Foot.


  1. Thanks for the update! Do you know when you will be shipped overseas? I know you said before March; I think you may even have said March 17th...not sure; but hope to be able to give you the news of this little one!! We find out March 10th! By the way, not sure about this Hand and Foot game; but...Mahjong is awesome!

  2. Miss you Josh!! I too enjoy reading your updates!