Friday, February 27, 2009

My theory on life...through flight...

Its true. I'm the "deep" blogger. Sometimes. :-) But alas...this is one of those times...

Caleb and I got to go see Joshua for his 4 day pass this week--it was AWESOME. That'll be the next blog...but while we were traveling to go see him, the Lord really showed me some good stuff...

Caleb and I were waiting anxiously in the airport in Cleveland. Ok...I was waiting anxiously. Caleb was totally chill, completely engrossed in playing with his Mario guys. Soon overhead we heard, "Ladies and gentlemen...we will begin boarding soon. We're waiting on news from Chicago. There's some bad weather there causing delays and cancellations and some flights are being rerouted. We'll keep you posted and get going as soon as possible."

Well, I immediately freak out. I sit in my chair, bouncing my knees, tapping my fingers, worrying as much as possible. You know, because things change when you worry. *insert ridiculously sarcastic face here* And I try and justify it all...because I'm only worrying because I want to spend every possible second with my husband that we haven't seen in two months...because we have reservations for a beautiful hotel that night...because I don't like flying in bad weather...because...because...because...

And I hear a whisper..."oh you of little faith..."

Right. Uh. Not me. Not me.

Thankfully, we begin boarding pretty quickly after I don't have to listen to the voices anymore. *wink* We got buckled up, settled in and got ready to say a quick prayer together before take-off. The weather in Cleveland wasn't bad. Cloudy, but nothing crazy. I was still super worried about Chicago...and then what after that? The unknown was driving me mad. As we get take off, after a sweet prayer with my little guy, I hear the whisper again...

..."how can any of you add a single minute to your life by worrying...?"

Ok, ok, I get it. And as we take off, I really get it. In my vulnerability, God showed me a beautiful picture of the theory of life...through flight.

I think many of us view life like an airplane flight. When the weather of life, our circumstances, gets really bad, we ground ourselves. We never experience the fullness of Christ or what He has for us because of our fear...our crippling keeps us down. We allow it to overcome us...instead of us being the overcomers...which His word promises us!! Sure, as we take off--if we even allow ourselves to get that far, life can be bumpy. Our circumstances can be overwhelming. Situations can seem unfair. It can feel like the "fasten seatbelt sign" never turns off!! But when we continue to press in...we break through those clouds of turbulance. And what's beyond those clouds is amazing. Its the amazing grace of God. Its the unconditional love of a Father. Its the blessing of knowing that through everything--He is faithful. Its the it always matter what. Its the same yesterday, today, forever...just like Him. :-)

Had I sat in Cleveland, continuing to worry about things out of my control...I would have never heard or seen what God wanted to remind me of that day. And if each of us sits in the holding area of our life...waiting for the weather to clear...we'll never take off. We'll never take a hold of what God has for us. So let me challenge you today to listen to the whispers--even if things seem cloudy or out of control--He'll never leave you or forsake you.

Live in the moment...for today. There's always good things beyond the turbulance.


  1. Woah--Meg, you are an incredible lady :) I like the deep thought, sometimes I get these kinds of thoughts when I really closely scrutinize them, I like the analogy about life being a flight a lot!

  2. This is awesome...and if you get to make church this morning, you will recognize that scripture. You are a superb creation!

  3. That's good stuff, Meg! Glad that you guys had a great time with Josh!