Saturday, March 7, 2009

Choosing NOT to share in the joy...

So it is definitely no secret that we have a little guy with some pretty serious opinions on life. One of these opinions is that every pretty girl that God has created was apparently supposed to have been HIS girlfriend. He doesn't take kindly to learning that someone he has his eye on is taken.

Enter the pretty girl in our story...Jessica. :-) Jessica is an awesome young lady at our church who just happens to be the girlfriend of an equally awesome guy--JL. I'll save their love story for JL's blog. *grin* Back on track...we call Jess the "Preschool Cougar"...because she just has this awe-inspiring affect on preschool boys. They LOVE her. But seriously--who wouldn't?

Enter my son...and his infatuation. :-)

So...let me let you in on a sneak peek during Friday night prayer time:

*laying on the couch saying our prayers*

Me: Anybody else you want to pray for, buddy?


Me: Oh! I know...we should pray for JL! Know why...?

Caleb: Why?

Me: He's going to ask Jessica to marry him!!!!!! Isn't that exciting?

*and for reenactment's sake*.......his face upon hearing the exciting news...the shock sets in that once again, he's lost the girl...

Me: So....aren't you excited for them? They love each other a lot! Jesus picked them out for each other!

*And I believe this would be either his face of concession...Ok, win...OR...his face of plotting how to steal Jess away....haven't figured it out yet. Ha!!*

Needless to say, prayer time ended without my son sharing in anyone's joy. But don't worry Jess and JL...we love you and are SO excited for this time in your lives. We are praying endless blessings upon the journey that you are choosing to take with one another. I hope that along the way, you'll continue to learn from the amazing people God has put in both your lives and that it will enrich your relationship in a way you never thought possible. You guys are going to impact the Kingdom in mighty ways...

And don't worry about my kid. *wink* He'll be fine...


  1. Thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes Meg! Tell Caleb I'm sure he'll find an awesome girl too! :) Love you both!

  2. Uuhhh....this is HILARIOUS!!!! I love it!!!