Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mizpah mystery...and my snazzy pedicure!! *wink*

So...I promised a picture of our Mizpah here you go! :-) You'll just have to pretend that you see Joshua's arm here. Just be glad you weren't there when we (read: HE) GOT the tattoo...what a baby!! *ha!!*

Mizpah is something we're hanging on to a lot right now--because the circumstances lately have required us to place our faith in God alone. We don't always get to talk every day, the internet is not always available and Joshua's working long, hard days. So we just have to learn that like Genesis 31:49 says...may God watch over us while we are apart from one another. Putting my complete faith in God alone is something I always felt like I knew how to do...but He's humbled me!! When you get married, part of the process is attaching your soul to another's, and in that, you do become dependent on each other. If its a healthy dependence, that's how marriage is supposed to work! You depend on each other, and together, you depend on God. Its an awesome process. But now...we're in this situation that has taken us away from each other, and I'd like to say that the depending on God alone part has just come naturally...but its a struggle. I find myself wanting to control and figure out and keep my hand on every situation...that inevitably...I have absolutely no control over in the first place! I didn't realize what a control freak I really am! (And I'm sure some of you might be laughing right now...that's ok...) All I can honestly say is that I'm learning, friends. Every day. Its a hard place....but its a good place.

And how 'bout that snazzy pedi?? *wink* Miss Jill, from the Y, gave me an AWESOME gift to go get this--so I did it right before we flew out to see Joshua. I think that my creative and patriotic red, white and blue pedi was WAY more appreciated by me...but...Joshua oohed and ahhed over it like a good hubby. :-) Thanks, Jill!!!!

Wishing you fewer control-freak moments...and more God-filled dependence!


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  1. Josh with a tattoo? Wow... I can only imagine how that one went. I'm sure you have stories to tell, Meg. :-)

  2. I admire the heck out of you all--and love you dearly.


  3. Where did you find the translation for this? I've looked all over the place for a correct hebrew translation and they all vary.

  4. Well, my anonymous friend...*grin*...we used and paid for someone to translate, dig up history, talk to us about the different variations and use of the word and the characters. Its not currently used in the Hebrew language today. Then, we ran what they gave us by a good friend of ours that has a degree in Hebrew and lived in Israel for a while, and he confirmed it for us. Hope that helps!

  5. I love your tattoo! I've been looking for a way to get one on my wrist for me and my hubby. I had the issue of not knowing the right translation for sure and with it being a tattoo I wanted to make sure it was all done right. Is there anyway you could send me a copy of what you brought your tattoo artist? I would really appreciate it, thank you.

  6. Hi,
    I came across your blog when I searched for "Mizpah" at google. I have been thinking of doing a tattoo with this word but haven't yet found a good picture to show in the tattoo studio.
    Do you have a sketch or something over yours or do you have any tips of where I can have a look for it.