Monday, March 23, 2009


Here are the most recent comings-and-goings of the Carr family:

  • Caleb and I got sick. Really sick. Yucky viral thing going around. But we're good!
  • I joined a personal training place. I figure my emotional eating phase has to I'm going to do something healthy for myself a few times a week while Joshua's gone. So far, so good!! They mean business there...!!
  • Caleb joined the dance team at church for Easter....this is gonna be good....*grin* He is so good at practice--I'm just hoping that when the sanctuary is full for both services on Easter morning he still loves it as much as he does during practice!
  • We had a little visit with the in-laws--Caleb was in heaven!
  • Got the trampoline back up and worked a little in the yard...oiy!!
  • Josh said he was finally leaving for his one hour journey into Iraq on Thursday.
  • Had surgery on Friday. Starting to feel like my stomach is no longer falling out of my body *OUCH*. Thank goodness we have family here....been camping out over at my mom's and getting some major TLC.
  • Josh finally GOT to his destination...on Sunday. :-) Gotta love the army. A few days and a couple of pit stops later....He's settling in and should be up online in the next few days. Thanks for praying him in.
  • Its Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I set up a YouTube account so Josh doesn't miss out on stuff while he's gone. Its the closest way I could think to keep him, and our out of town family, in the loop for the really fun stuff. If you search "Jubilee595", that's my 'channel' and all of the videos should come up. There are 3 videos up now....I think Easter will be the next one....we'll see!!

That's all for now. My vicodin-induced naptime is coming on....*grin* Love you all!!!

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