Sunday, June 28, 2009

The best things in life are free...

Caleb and I went and visited with our neighbor, Mr. Bob, as he was having a yard sale. We really have been SOOOOOOOOOO blessed by our neighbors during this deployment, so it was a nice time to say hi, thank you, etc. also.

Mr. Bob directed Caleb over to the toy table while he and I chatted, telling him to pick something out. He immediately made a bee-line for a stuffed Shamu the whale. (He is ecstatic about our side-trip there in a few weeks...) When I asked Mr. Bob what I could pay him for Shamu, he politely declined, saying, "Its free for you today."

When I got to thinking about that...I thought, "The best things in life are free..."
  • Whether its Shamu *grin*
  • Our family
  • Our friends and neighbors
  • Or any of life's little blessings...

Friends, remember today...take a lesson from Shamu...the best things in life indeed are free. Cherish the little things.

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