Monday, June 1, 2009

Only my kid....*shaking my head*

We were driving home from the mall tonight, and I had the windows down because the air conditioning isn't working (and yes, honey....I have an appointment at Saturn on Thursday...but I digress...). On the way home, though, we pass a landscaping company, and to be frank, it stinks. But then I hear THIS from the backseat:

"Ew!!! Mommy, put your windows up! It smells like daddy's feet all the way from Iraq. And THAT smells bad..."

That, my friends, is laugh-out-loud-funny!

*Edit* I need to add an apology to my poor husband...who did not think this was quite as funny as the rest of us. Sorry, honey!!! :-)


  1. that IS funny!!! i love it!!

  2. I ADORE Caleb even more after reading this!! I cannot wait to see you for my wedding!!! YAY for the end of school :)

  3. Bahahahaha.....I can imagine that. So great.

  4. SOOO stinking cute! And, Meg- speaking of cars- I think it's almost time for you to get an oil change- go to the Texas Oil Lube right there on Graham Rd. And, be sure to tell Dave (the owner) I sent you. He knows Sean's family and mine (all prior to us getting married) and he is SUPER NICE and won't take advantage of you...I promise!