Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day fun!!

So I'm a little behind getting this post up. We had a cook out on Memorial Day and overall had a pretty easy day. The cookout was fun but the best part of the day was the water balloons. We have all been having our friends and families send us water balloons. See it gets hot and we definiltey throw them at each other. But the best thing we do with them is launch them from the 3-man sling shot we have. Our first one was one you can buy at the store that was built for 7 year olds. The balloons didn't go very far but we had fun with it for the 2o minutes we had it before it was broke. Then one of the guys, Sgt Stone, bought a new one on ebay. It is actually made with surgical tubing. These balloons fly now. I'm definitely going to be buying one. It was only $18 with shipping. Watch out!!

PS-I actually made this post about three weeks ago but my internet screwed up and I thought I lost it. I was super frustrated and didn't redo it. I was poking around and found it saved. Who knew???

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