Monday, June 22, 2009


The scene: Dinner at Don Pablos, sitting by the fountain in the middle of the restaurant...of that you throw pennies into.

The players: Caleb and mommy (and Caleb's girlfriend-waitress...but that's another blog).

[Caleb throws a penny half-way across the restaurant. Whoops. We try again. Success!]

Me: Good throw, bud! What did you wish for?

Caleb: I wished that everyone in the whole wide world would be in our family.

[Mommy eyes the teachable moment...]

Me: What a great wish, buddy!! Did you know that that's the SAME THING Jesus wishes for all of us? To be in His family?

Caleb: [rolls his eyes and sighs] I already knew that, Mommy...

Scene ends. Don't really know how to follow that up...Way to go, kiddo. Way to go.


  1. hahahaha!! he is such a ham and i love it! makes me sad to think that a year ago at this time we were getting ready to come up and see you...and this summer not so much! boo to that!

  2. MMM....Dopn Pablos- I miss that place!

  3. Ugh... what is wrong with me? I can't post on here correctly! What I meant to say...

    Caleb is such a smart kiddo! LOL I can just picture his face!

  4. I seriously LOVE Caleb--he's so honest and hysterical!!